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Advantages of Using Instagram Stories over Snapchat for Marketing

After releasing stories in the fall of 2016, Instagram has been continually updating the new feature to try and beat their Snapchat competition. While both are being utilized by millennials and celebrities alike, Instagram stands out against Snapchat for three key reasons: viewership, accessibility, and development.



In his article “Nike and Others Dive Into Instagram Stories: Why Marketers Already Like It Better Than Snapchat,” Garett Sloane discusses why brands prefer Instagram’s story feature over Snpachat’s. He states: “Instagram is more welcoming to brands… partly because it’s just bigger.”

According to a report done in April 2017, Instagram currently has 700 Million monthly active users, with 300 M daily. As of current reports, Instagram’s story feature has 250 M daily active users. On the other hand, Snapchat says only 166 M daily.

Not only does Instagram have more users, to begin with, but it’s also easier to drive fans and potential customers to the Instagram story feature than to Snapchat. Most users notice more people view their Instagram stories more often than Snapchat because they already have the established following on the app.



Not only is Instagram more enjoyable content to consume from brands (because people appreciate the more polished and professional photos posted to the app), but it’s much easier to find a company or brand’s Instagram when searching online than it is to find their Snapchat.

For example, when searching “Nike Instagram” on Google, the first link that appeared was to the official Nike Instagram account

When searching “Nike Snapchat” on Google, coincidentally enough, the first link that appeared was an article about why marketers prefer Instagram stories over Snapchat.

Also, Instagram makes the stories a highlighted feature of the app design. Once you click on your app, the stories are the first thing you see at the top of the page. It’s easy to scroll through them and watch multiple stories in a row.

Since Instagram is known for the professionality of the photos users post to their pages, it was an interesting move to incorporate a more “nonchalant” and “casual” way of sharing content to users. This step has allowed brands to show a more behind-the-scenes approach to their marketing, without having to push for a following on an entirely separate app.



One of the biggest reasons users continued using Snapchat over Instagram was the filters and geotags. However, Instagram has also taken this update upon itself and now features face filters of its own. Users can also link to other content, create tags for their stories, and tag other people. This makes the Instagram stories even more interactive and opens for discoverability than the Snapchat app.

Like Warehouse75.com states in their Social Media Management page, social media is an essential way of “growing and expanding [a company’s] personal brand” by creating an online identity. While both Instagram and Snapchat have their pros and cons, Instagram could be viewed as more beneficial to marketers and for branding purposes because of its increased viewership, easy accessibility, and updated features.

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