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What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an extension of your traditional
radio, TV and print advertising and marketing strategies. While these outlets are still good paid forms of publicity, traditional strategies make it hard to measure the results of your campaign. This is where digital marketing comes in. Digital marketing is the promotion of your brand on any electronic device. This includes everything from mobile advertising to website management. If used effectively, digital marketing allows your brand to measure your marketing successes in real time.

What kind of Digital Marketing Strategies are there?

Digital marketing has many different types of strategies your brand can utilize. Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, display advertising, email marketing, text message marketing, and YouTube marketing are just some of the effective digital marketing strategies. Which digital marketing strategies is right for your brand depends on what platforms your buyer personas use.

How to Create your Perfect Buyer Persona

Creating a buyer persona is an essential first step in implementing your digital marketing strategies. A buyer persona allows you to effectively understand your audience and how you can best reach them. So how do you create the perfect buyer persona for your brand? Start by interviewing current customers. Figure out what platforms they are on and where they like seeing your brand’s message. Never assume anything about your customers. Have customers fill out forms that give you information about themselves. The questions can be about their demographics or about their online/mobile usage. Always encourage feedback whenever you can on blogs or in surveys.

Why Should Your Brand Implement Digital Marketing Strategies?

As technology continues to develop, more and more people are turning to the Internet for research and the decision making process. Social media alone has some of the largest and most effective platforms for communication about products and companies. Facebook right now has 1.55 billion users. YouTube has 4 billion video views a day. Not to mention the 3.5 billion searches per day on google. Why not implement a digital marketing strategy that allows your brand to reach your buyer persona on these platforms?

The Bottom Line

People are changing the way they research and make purchasing decisions. Don’t fall behind and risk missing out on platforms that have huge audiences. Many of which are likely included in your buyer persona. The bottom line is that the traditional marketing and advertising strategies are not enough anymore. Stay ahead of the competition and implement new digital marketing strategies and let us help carry your brand into the future..

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