Pre-Roll Advertising



For quite some time, YouTube has offered pre-roll advertising on its social search engine. Every day, YouTube sees thousands upon millions of search queries in its search bar. This makes YouTube one of the most popular social media platforms out there right now. YouTube is also the world’s second largest search engine. Begin reaching numbers you never thought were possible by creating short and sweet commercials to promote your product or service.


While it may seem like a daunting task, it is possible to captivate your consumers’ attention despite the enemy “skip” button that many services have. The beauty of pre-roll advertising is that you get to capture the attention of your audience with endless creative options. With options to create your pre-roll advertisement however you like, a good-targeted message will increase traffic to your website where consumers will be inclined to read your brand’s story.

Interactive Messages

Pre-roll advertising gives your brand the flexibility it needs to create interactive and engaging messages in the form of short advertisements. With more and more consumers wanting brands to reach out with engaging content, pre-roll advertising offers the perfect medium where you can catch consumers and drive them to your website.

Our Production Gurus

Our audio and visual gurus are ready to bring your idea to life. Whether it’s a quick, 10-second commercial clip or an animation masterpiece, our production team is ready to put your words into action. Our in-house production studio is equipped with everything we need to create the perfect pre-roll advertisement for you. From green screens to high-resolution cameras, the GriffinWink production team is ready to start your next project.

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