Data is the toolbox of visionaries and is used to assess metrics and ascertain trends. We capture and analyze every number from the very start to provide proven results.

Tools ranging from site analytics to website traffic estimators are all crucial components for developing a strong marketing foundation. This allows businesses to remain competitive and relevant.

We live in a world of technology, and digital technologies have amassed huge amounts of instant analytics. Which ones matter? No matter how sophisticated the web has made us, the only number that really matters to Warehouse75 is the client’s bottom line.

At Warehouse75, we assess analytics daily, weekly, and monthly with one goal in mind:

Are the client’s dollars achieving maximum effectiveness?


Analytics consists of meticulously calculated statistics associated with a site’s traffic that can be broken down and analyzed then used to make marketing implementation decisions. Knowing who visits a site is critical to discovering who a brand’s audience is, and therefore, who to market to. The value of analytics is immeasurable in the world of marketing. Our analytics enable us to:

  • Reposition client day-parting by hour and day for maximum reach
  • Assess the discoverability of keywords, raise the profile of effective keywords, and discard less effective keywords.
  • Improve click-through rates and reduce bounce rates.


Additional research tools such as site traffic estimating technology enable an even broader understanding of how to position a brand to approach its target audience in the most successful way possible. Our research allows us to:

  • Geo-fence mobile buys for clients with micro-targeting down to a one-mile radius
  • Offer clients a unique combination of legacy radio buys as well as Pandora and internet radio advertising.
  • Pick and choose pure-play websites with huge local followings, so that our clients can affordably advertise on sites like ebay.com, foxnews.com, and weather.com while targeting their local customer.

Through this research,

we cannot only tell our clients what the most effective method of marketing is but how the most effective method of marketing will work for them. These tools allow us to track results and implement tactics accordingly. Our professionals are certified in Google Analytics.  Warehouse75’s thorough understanding of research and analytics empowers us to leapfrog over conventional thinking.