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Recently ad blocking has been a hot topic in the world of online advertising.  For instance, The New York Times announced that they are “testing out various approaches to combating the rise of ad-blocking technology  For an online publication this makes sense because the majority of their revenue comes from selling ad space on their website, and the reason people download ad blockers is because the majority of online advertisements they are seeing are annoying.  But most consumers do not depend on online advertising to increase revenue; they depend on advertising to increase consumer engagement online.  So how can brands keep consumer engagement high while the downloading of ad blockers continues to rise?


How to prevent people from downloading ad blockers

Customers want to see things that are trendy, relevant and don’t appear to be an advertisement.  One way to defeat ad blockers from being downloaded is for marketers to create content that user’s would like to see.  Disguise advertisements to look like other web content.  By doing this consumers will not feel overwhelmed by the amount of online advertising projected on their screen daily, because it will not feel like advertising at all.  If the advertisement appeals to them rather than annoys them they won’t feel the desire to download an ad blocker.


How to advertise to people who have already downloaded ad blockers

If you want to reach consumers online who have already downloaded ad blockers, you have to get them to your page another way.  The easiest way to do this is to post content on social media that would be relevant to them and their friends.  Marketers can do this through the use of hash tags and article shares.  If their friends online are connecting with you, they are more likely to see your page and in turn have a higher potential to connect with one of your social media platforms.

Another way to combat ad blocking is through the use of mobile devices.  Ad blockers are only effective on websites, but as of now do not affect mobile apps.  So in order to reach people who use ad blockers, it is important to buy advertising space on mobile apps versus websites, or create your brands own mobile app.


The number one way to defeat the rise of ad blockers

Consumer engagement with your brand is the best way to defeat ad blockers.  Getting people to connect with you on social media platforms, download your app, and regularly visit your website is the number one way to defeat ad blockers. To do this, consumers need to feel that your pages stay relevant, what you are posting is trendy and appealing to them, and your page beats the competition.  (Hint: if your consumers are using ad blockers, are already connected to your social media pages, and are not engaging with your competition, then you already have a HUGE advantage!)  The stronger your relationship is with your consumers, the more likely they are to continue to follow your brand.  With long-term consumer relationships and positive consumer feedback online, brands will not have to worry about ad blockers affecting online presence.

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