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Make Google My Business Your Business


Running a business is hard work, but what’s even harder, at least nowadays, is running a business without a presence online. With consumers using their mobile device for anything and everything, it is SO important for your company to be user-friendly. And not only that, but visually appealing. That being said, a great resource to use is Google’s My Business.

FREE Google Listing

Yeah, you read it right–creating a listing is free on Google. There people can get your phone number, website, ratings, a map to your location, customer reviews, and store hours. Don’t forget, though; we live in a digital world now, so make sure to upload a few photos of your business for your customer.


A business owner’s worst nightmare is a terrible review. Usually, they are left on the internet to put a dent in your company’s reputation, however, with google’s listing reviews you can build conversations around these comments to solve any problem. Not just with more negative reviews, but positive ones too. Build loyalty with customers and potential customers, by just interacting with them. Doing so, it shows that you care about your products and services, but most importantly, that you care about your customer.


With Google’s insights, you can get quantitative data regarding your business. This powerful resource allows you to conduct fast and accurate market research, while also staying up to date on the latest trends. If that wasn’t enough, Insights lets you see how external factors (i.e. world events, location, and seasonality) affect online search behavior relevant to your industry.

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