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On March 8, Pinterest opened its doors to small- and medium-sized companies to paid advertising on the social media site. Now, small- and medium-sized businesses, along with large companies, have the opportunity to advertise to Pinterest users based on what they search and what their saved interests are.

Advertising based on user search

When a person searches on Pinterest, they may enter something along the lines of “cute summer sandals.” Prior to March 8, major companies like Sketchers and Zappos.com could use the Promoted Pins Ad Manager to make sure their pins were visible to users who search for shoes or sandals. Now, small companies have the opportunity to take advantage of Promoting Pins based on users’ searches. This gives small- and medium-sized businesses a whole new platform to reach and interact with local Pinterest users. Before small businesses had to get people to follow their board organically, but now with Promoted Pins, it is much easier to get consumers engaged with the brand and products of small businesses. By buying Promoted Pins, companies can raise brand awareness, draw more traffic to their Pinterest boards, and increase engagement with consumers. These are common struggles small businesses often face, but Pinterest is making it easier for the little guy to succeed!

Interest level marketing

Another handy feature that Pinterest offers companies is interest level marketing. Before March 8, large companies had the ability to choose 30 broad words like shoes, sandals, drinks, travel, etc. Now any size company has the ability to implement interest level marketing based on 420 words that no longer have to be broad. With this feature, marketing can now be based on more specific details about a consumer. For instance, if a local nutrition store wanted to find more people to interact with their brand, they could use Pinterest to find people who have searched for “clean eating recipes,” “exercises to build deltoid muscles,” “whey vs. isolate proteins,” “best form of fasted cardio,” or “yummy green smoothie recipes.”  Basically, companies are now able to find their target market by using more defined interest level marketing rather than using 30 very broad terms.

Small business = small marketing budget?

Not a problem! Let’s pretend a small business is looking to raise awareness in their local market and hope to achieve a goal of higher brand awareness within the year. Pinterest is a very budget friendly option for small business who suffers from brand recognition issues. By spending only $1 a day, Pinterest has seen companies gain a 20% increase in clicks on their posts. This testing was based on beta research conducted over several months beginning July 2015, prior to Pinterest advertising being open to all small- and medium-sized businesses.

So all in all, Pinterest is becoming an even more valuable social media database to companies of all shapes and sizes. It’s the best social media platform to find consumers based on interests and all marketers can now capitalize on that advantage. Despite company budget or size, Pinterest is now a great platform for all companies to run social media campaigns.

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