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seo lubbock

Search Engines

are the modern day phone books.  SEO is a must have for businesses to compete online.

seo lubbock
seo lubbock

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (otherwise referred to as SEO) is the method of improving a website’s unpaid (organic) search result rankings for keywords. SEO is a marketing strategy utilizing how search engines work and the terms people are presently searching for.  Research shows that 75% of search engine users do not go past the first page of search results.  Rankings are the positions the search engine gives you in results for certain keywords.  The better your site ranks in organic search the more likely you are to have higher site traffic. Search engines determine your ranking by how relevant your site’s content is to the search term.  How does your business rank?  SEO can help grow your business.

Why is SEO so valuable?

Online sessions start with a search engine.


Search users clicks are organic.


Google's Search engine market share.


Users that never go past the first page of Google.


For Google, 18% of organic clicks go to the #1 position, 10% of organic clicks go to the #2 position, and 7% of organic clicks go to the #3 position.

* According to imFORZA.

Where are the organic search results?

In the example below we searched the keyword “phone repair Lubbock.”

Paid Search Ads

The top three results to appear are usually paid ads.  These are noted by a small yellow box that says “Ads” next to them.  They can also appear in a column on the right-hand side.

Local Map Results

Underneath the paid search advertisements are the local map search results. These show businesses nearby that offer the service “phone repair Lubbock” we searched for.

Organic Search Results

According to research, this area (the top three organic search results on page one) receives the most clicks. In this case, the top organic search result is Battery Joe.

Directory Listings

Underneath the top three organic search results, we see a couple of directory results for local businesses.  Yelp and Yellow Pages are examples of directories.

Organic SEO VS. Pay-Per-Click

Many studies have shown that over 80% of search engine users will scan the organic search results first.  According to one study conducted in the UK, as many as 94% of users will click on the organic results and the remaining 6% will click on the paid.  Since organic search results are not paid, users tend to see them as unbiased and trust the results more.  Keeping in mind that 75% of users do not go past the first page of results, being on the first page can greatly increase your web traffic and grow your business.

SEO VS. Yellow Pages

We have been moving into the digital age.  Phone books are becoming a thing of the past.  With the internet and search engines, we have so much information at our fingertips.  Smartphones and tablets have made that information accessible from almost anywhere.  Although the yellow pages have gone online and some yellow page companies even offer an online solution for their clients by selling them a web package.  Unfortunately, the websites they build for their clients are usually one-page sites built with a very generic template that is the same as competitors.  These companies often generate traffic to your website with a pay-per-click plan as part of the package.  Sadly, when the budget runs out, so do the results.

How to improve SEO?

There are over 200 factors that go into search engine optimization.  There is not a set formula that is guaranteed to land the top ranking in search engines.  Search engines use algorithms to determine where websites rank, and they keep these algorithms top secret.

There are many on-page and off-page influences on Search Engine Optimization.  Content, site-speed, keywords, internal links, alt-tags, and meta descriptions are a few of the on-page factors.  Off-page factors include external links, directory listings, and social media mentions.  Optimizing these factors improve the way your website communicates with search engines and can increase your SEO rankings.

seo lubbock


At Warehouse75 we will optimize your content.  Search engines look for unique, relevant content that will answer the consumer’s question.  How much information does your website have on each page?  Does your content have the right keywords and variations of keywords?  Is it engaging for the potential customer to read?  Is it free of spelling and grammar errors?  Are there headings that break up the content so it isn’t overwhelming?  Are the headings and images tagged properly for the search engines?  Search engines have become very sophisticated in how they read the content on your website.

seo lubbock


Links are another one of the things that can impact SEO.  Search engines determine how trustworthy and compelling your site is by how many people are linking to it from other sites.  Does your website have content that is worth linking to?  Google has best practices for link-building.  Link farms and hidden links are considered “black hat SEO.” Google’s algorithms can detect if your website is using shady search engine optimization tactics and your site can be penalized.  The best way to get links is to earn them fair and square with killer content.

seo lubbock

User Experience (UX)

Overall user experience refers to how user-friendly your site is.  Is it easy to navigate?  Does the user get satisfaction from visiting your site or do they leave frustrated?  Is it mobile responsive so it can be easily viewed on any type of mobile device?  Does the site load quickly?  How long does a user spend on your site, or do they leave right away?  At Warehouse75 our web design is focused on the user.  The goal is to keep the user on the site for as long as possible.  One way to measure the UX of a website is the bounce rate and how many pages the user looks at.

Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is using techniques that search engines don’t approve of such as doorway pages, hidden links, keyword stuffing, using link farms, and many other tactics.  Although these tactics may seem to increase rankings quickly at first, they are very risky.  Search engines such as Google have algorithms for detecting websites using these tactics and can drop them off of search results completely.  Websites using black hat SEO can be reported through Google Webmaster Tools.

White Hat SEO

White Hat Search Engine Optimization uses techniques that abide by the rules that search engines have set up.  Optimizing written content, focusing on user experience, updating content regularly, and link-building are a few white hat techniques.  Although it may take more time to see the results, it will not put your business at risk and it will pay off.

Why Warehouse75 for SEO?

The team at Warehouse 75 can help you get your website seen online through search engine optimization.  We have an SEO Certified professional and do all our SEO in-house, none of it is outsourced to other companies.  We only use techniques that are approved by search engines so you can trust that we won’t put your website at risk.


Search Engine Optimization for your business is an investment in your company. Although it does take some time when done correctly, it produces lasting results. Beware of companies that make guarantees of a high ranking in a short amount of time because they may be using “black hat” tactics.

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