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Tradigital: The Integral Role of Integration in Advertising

As a society, technology has become a fundamental part of our lives. We know the weather by flicking through an app. We can access the answer to any trivia question imaginable with a few clicks of a keyboard. We will never, ever be able to make a claim without someone fact-checking us on the spot and adamantly proving us wrong.

However, when looking at advancements in technology and how we present information to the world, we cannot forget the past and what it means for our future.

Similarly, advertising today is all about progress and integrating the old with the new. Without newspapers, we wouldn’t have digital platforms with a wealth of articles. Without television ads, the expressive, engaging videos we see on social media wouldn’t be oh so funny and impossible to click away from.

In order to continually adapt to changes in society, advertising has combined traditional concepts with digital ones, coining one simple and funky mashed-up word: tradigital.


According to John Garcia in his article “Tradigital Marketing: How to integrate traditional and digital marketing for maximum results,” despite claims from many, “traditional media is not dead, but its role has changed dramatically” in the modern age. Rather than separating traditional and digital methods, it is important for ad agencies to consider the positives to both and combine them to create one effective campaign.

Traditional methods look at the research behind the company. It is more brand oriented and targeted, allowing the advertising to reach the intended audience with a personal, clear, and concise message.

Digital, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to leap head first into the new era. It is free to be more creative and utilize all of the new avenues of technology the industry has to offer.

In other words, traditional advertising is the parent planning his or her child’s birthday party, and digital is the little kid running around leading everyone in the fanciful game of pretend on the playground.

Without the parent, we wouldn’t have the invitations, the kids wouldn’t have been invited, and there wouldn’t have been a location. Without the child, there wouldn’t have been innovative and impromptu games, imagination, and a new way of approaching the same situation.

In her article “Talking Tradigital,” April Donovan highlights the fact tradigital agencies are going to “integrate better,” allowing advertising the chance to become the most memorable birthday party of the century.


Like any good relationship, tradigital media is proof of the importance of compromise. Not only is its name a mash-up reminiscent of most high-profile couple names (Brangelina and Kimye, I’m looking at you), tradigital is also proof of the importance of balance, consideration, and adaptation over time.

Basically, tradigital advertising agencies illustrate that recognizing one way as beneficial is not also disregarding the opposing side as unimportant.

As referenced on the GriffinWink We Are Tradigitalpage, when “an agency… blends both areas [traditional and digital] cohesively to work together in perfect harmony” on a project, successful advertising is achieved. The brand is maintained, the targeted consumer is informed, and an identity is grown through multiple different platforms and aspects.

The old cannot be maintained without the new, and the new cannot be appreciated without the old. So keep up with the swiping trends and scrolling highlights, but remember the importance of the individuals who are seeing what goes onto the screen.

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