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Twitter Has Changed How Their Character Limit Works

Rejoice!! More freedom has come to Twitter’s character count, and thus, the ability for marketers to reach their audiences in more creative ways.
Originally, Twitter had a 140 limit character count that counted against photos, gifs, polls, and videos. This limit drastically inhibits a marketer’s ability to say and show what they want. They have now changed this limit to just include letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces, letting users now have much more freedom with their posts when using photos, videos, gifs, and polls.
Probably one of the best tweets of the year, certainly one of the most talked about, was created in a matter of minutes to take advantage of the Super bowl power outage and used almost all of the 140 count.

oreo-tweetLuckily, this beautifully written tweet did not exceed their count, but had it, this could have been lost to the space where creative ideas go to die. Twitter, increasing its ability to be more flexible and fluid with its character counting, helps ensure that marketers can continue to come up with these beautiful ideas and even expand on them.
Twitter has increased its creative availability by loosening restrictions, while not sacrificing what makes Twitter unique: its limited character count.

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