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What is Blippar?

With augmented reality advertising on the rise, we have seen a multitude of exciting and creative ads. This wave in the advertising industry brings a whole new world in which we can expect to see new platforms and technologies in the near future. One of the most recent app creations is Blippar.

The First of its Kind

Blippar is the first application that uses augmented reality. From business to educational purposes, the app was made to provide consumers with a greater of knowledge about everyday objects and products. Building a bridge between real life and augmented reality, this application is a huge breakthrough in the digital realm.

How Does it Work?

By using a smart phone’s camera, it scans an image to show digital content right on your screen. When a consumer “Blipps” the application then searches to find relevant content relating to the topic for the consumer to access–a process which is done through artificial intelligence. Ranging from movie trailers to games, the content gives the consumer a depth in information and evokes their curiosity.

Visual Marketing

For advertisers, this is an amazing tool to create interactive and entertaining advertisement to further their brand. The digital marketing realm is moving at an increasing pace while new innovations are in progress. Jumping in on trending activities not only can improve brand communications with its consumers, but also adds a sense of awareness which, in the end, can increase your brand credibility.

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