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Why Utilize Blogging?

A few years ago, when people heard the word “blog,” they most likely thought of stay-at-home moms discussing the latest trends or writers desperately trying to get their work out there into the world. Now, blogging has become a new entity entirely, one that develops a brand’s online presence and increases SEO recognition for your company.

Why Blog?

Blogging can be more beneficial for your company than many may think. On the surface, it appears to be mass content creation, but once you analyze the benefits behind this, the positives of having a blog for your company are evident. Below, we’ve listed some of the top reasons why blogging is a smart move for your business.

Online Presence (New Traffic)

Sure, people can search your company’s name in Google, and your website will pop up, but this is traffic from individuals who are already customers or who are already aware of your services. To generate new traffic, you need people to visit your website for reasons other than just your services. If your company provides content related to your field, but does not directly link to your business, people will come across your information when searching for answers or insight into different topics. This will get people on your website, most likely ones who are not previously known about your company.


To drive more traffic to your website, you need to make sure your content is working towards your SEO (search engine optimization). The more often you update your site, and the more keywords related to your company you use, the more likely your business will be seen by new people when they search for different information online. You want people to be directed to your website, and if you’re updating your blog, search engines will recognize your website as active and suggest your articles to people seeking information related to your field.

Consumer Interaction (Become an Authority)

As stated in the article “Ways to Expand and Better your Digital Marketing Strategy” on Warehouse75, blogs are “a great way for customers to learn more about your brand and keep up with it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.” You will become an authority in your field, and people will begin to trust your opinion before they ever even need to contact you for your services. You start to become a place for future consumers to interact with you and build trust, so when they do need to hire someone, they’ll think of you.

Tips for Blogging

Inbound Links

When writing blog posts, it’s important to utilize inbound links to redirect traffic back to your website. Once you’ve generated a few blog posts, you can begin linking to other articles to increase traffic on your site. You can also include links to other pages on your website, including the contact page, so people can easily access different pages within your site.

Target Audience

If you’re going to create a blog for your company, it’s important to recognize your target audience and tailor the information towards them. If your business relates to cars, it might not be beneficial to write articles about food and entertainment, unless you can make a real and organic connection back to your company. You want to target your content to your audience to create real and supportive readership and to attract people likely to want to utilize your services in the future.

Hit One of the Following: Entertainment, Knowledge, Skill

After reading all of the benefits of blogging, you may think you need to start spamming content daily on your website to reap the benefits. However, if you’re not creating meaningful and well-written content, the blog could work against you. To achieve loyal readership, you need to deliver something to your audience. You can reach this by writing articles that fit into one or all of the following areas: entertainment, knowledge, and skills.

Entertainment, like stories and opinions, is something funny or interesting that engages readers and makes them curious about your company or field. Knowledge provides facts and information readers can take from your article. Skills, like how-tos and guides, give your readers practical information they can apply in their daily lives.

The Importance of Blogging

Content creation not only allows your company to become a name in the industry, but it fosters genuine interest and ingenuity within your target audience. If you’re able to gain readership from informative and well-written articles, announcements of events or products will be much less invasive and off-putting to readers. Once you’ve established yourself as a place that informs, entertains, and teaches, then you can start to branch out and incorporate selling and promotions. Blogging helps you connect, and it helps you stay relevant in the current digital age.

If you’re interested in utilizing inbound marketing for your company, Warehouse75 provides SEO insight and innovative perspectives on marketing strategies. Contact them today to take your business’s marketing to the next level.

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