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4 Tips for a Winning Social Media Strategy

Social media is an ever changing and evolving landscape. Trends will come and go, but basic best practice isn’t changing anytime soon. To point your social media strategy in the right direction we’ve compiled a list of some helpful tips.

Be A Real Person

Programs and apps that enable your social media to auto post and analyze data are becoming increasingly common among brands these days. While these tools are beneficial in keeping your social media current, at some point a human element needs to come across in your social feed.

There’s a lot to say about the human interaction of genuine responses to follower feedback and questions. People want a real dialogue and engagement from their brands these days – they want a real response from you! We’re not telling you to rid your brand’s social of automated elements completely, but be sure you are adding some personal touch! Besides, relevant company and world events are always happening that without planning.

Provide Content Your Followers Enjoy

This is where the analytics programs can come in handy. Based off stats and audience interactions from posts you can begin to gauge what your audience enjoys. Based on your brand, motivational messages, helpful pointers, or funny memes can help in your audience engagement.

The 80/20 sharing rule is a good point of reference to posting; the rule suggests that 80 percent of your content should either help, entertain or motivate your audience. The other 20 percent can be directly related to your business in some way.

Don’t Be Afraid To Follow

Everyone wants to be a big influencer in their industry, with a million followers and a dedicated audience. To do so, you have to FOLLOW people. This marketing principle is consistent with the idea of having to, “know how to follow to be able to lead.”

Once you begin following people relevant to your brand, you can start to help or guide them with your content, and you may just find yourself leading them. Don’t be shy – click follow, send a request, everything else will work itself out. (Pro tip: following is annoying if you are sending random requests to people with no interest in your brand)

Grow a Relationship

This social marketing principle is the last one but most important. It seems like a daunting task, but people are susceptible to warming up to your brand through social media, provided you aren’t hard selling your product or service to them 24/7.

Relationship marketing plants seed with individuals you already have a relationship with and branches out from there to the people you haven’t reached yet. Brand loyalty, new customer acquisition, and general good feelings toward your company are just a few good fruits produced by developing relationships.

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