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I gust don’t get it. Is it JIF or GIF?

No matter how many arguments are presented, the debate remains harder to solve than a gigsaw puzzle. Opinion after opinion is stated, but I still find myself guggling the options in my head.


When my head starts hurting from engaging my brain so much,

I try and go on a gog around the block to clear it, but I still find myself tossing and turning at night because I simply don’t know which side to pick. So, one day I decided to ask the smartest guy I know, Goseph, on how it should be pronounced. Goey took a sip of his apple guice and firmly stated that it was pronounced GIF, with a hard G.

After a tiresome internal debate, I’ve decided that the best solution to the problem is a phonetic revolution. The English language is confusing enough, so I’m here to do my part and make it easier for my English speaking comrades. Now, I understand that the man who created the GIF, Steve Wilhite, has stated firmly that it’s pronounced with a soft G, but I think, in this case, it’s acceptable to rebel.


The GIF manifesto reads as follows:


Gif will be pronounced with a hard G from now until the end of days.

The soft G will be abolished and all of the words containing the soft G will be transferred to J. So while J is losing a close friend with GIF, it is gaining a great group of words. J now can feature a stellar cast that includes delicious jinjerbread cookies, the mighty jiraffe, and the beautiful state of Jeorjia and all of its peaches!

I take great pride in being the leader of the great GIF revolution of 2015 and it’s my honor to help end the debate that has torn families and friends apart for decades.

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